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Hailing from Stormwind, but not widely accepted, the Aegis of Fortitude seek to find their place in Azeroth. When all seemed hopeless for the Aegis, Tiroin Fordring of the Argent Crusade asked for their assistance directly. Not fully trusting the Horde or Alliance, since they are always in constant war with each other, Tirion needed a neutral group that would turn the tides for him and the Crusade. After seeing the good that the Aegis did and what they were capable of, Tirion demanded that the Aegis come and live in Hearthglen, being given a safe haven, but that all actions carried out by the Aegis be under the banner of the Crusade. Tirion allowed for the Aegis to keep their ideals and beliefs so long as they help Tiroin and the Crusade with whatever they needed when called upon. To this day the Aegis has fulfilled that oath and becomes stronger than ever under the wing of the Argent Crusade.

To read up on your lore of the Crusade and Hearthglen here are a few helpful links:

Aegis of Fortitude, as you may already know is a Heavy Kingdom RP guild, based out of Hearthglen. We serve as a protectorate to the Alliance as well as the Crusade, carrying out the orders of Tiroin, but defending the innocent of the Alliance from their Horde counterparts. Instead of individual ranks we have categories shown below, giving the reason for having to have MRP and GHI to make it as simple but as RP worthy as possible. We have a division that handles research of magical items and history that carrys a majority of the intellectual weight of the Aegis. Another division procures these magical items for the research, but also to keep them out of hands that would otherwise use them to corrupt of bring about destruction over Azeroth. Our military spends the majority of it's time training, running errands for Tirion and safeguarding the virtues of the Crusade, as well as protecting places of the Alliance overlooked by their leaders; from the Horde that would seek to pillage and burn their humble existence to ashes. Under no circumstances does the Aegis' Army carry out offensive measures against the Horde because it's against the code of the Crusade, which the Aegis must respect. We have a law system that handles situations of court marshalling, voting polls, and weekly meetings of the guild. Giving way to the Citizens which compose the backbone of the Aegis; procuring resources, marketing, and the like of what a regular citizen in Stormwind or Elwynn Forest would do. There is an Honor Guard composed of the strongest and smartest of warriors to protect and serve the Tribune Council and the Crusade as the strongest unit carefully hand-picked from the Aegis' Army. Before getting to the Tribune Council, there's the Overseer's Board, made up of the highest of officers from each of the abovesaid branches, that directly communicate with the Council, and carry out their orders to their specific branch; also serving as a third party to the decisions of the Council giving viable feedback to ensure more Democracy within the Aegis. Lastly is the Tribune Council being the leadership of the Aegis, directly serving under Tirion Fordring himself, but allowed to carry out their ideals through the Aegis. Each Council Member commands their own unique aforesaid branch, and is able to rule it differently than the other Council Members. However Council Members can in no way, command other branches in ways that would go against the ideals of that branch.

More information on the individual branches can be found in the Forums, which would be highly recommended to read up on.

Welcome and Thank You for choosing the Aegis.
-Aegis of Fortitude, Tribune Council

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